School Uniform

Our continuing high standards apply to dress as in other areas, and we trust that you will support us by making sure that pupils come to school dressed appropriately – not wearing jeans, for instance, or jewellery.

The Captains Close school uniform consists of the following:


  • White blouse
  • Grey skirt
  • Pinafore dress or trousers
  • Red cardigan or sweatshirt
  • Red check summer dresses as appropriate.


  • Grey or white shirt
  • Grey trousers;
  • Red sweatshirt.

All children are expected to wear appropriate shoes to complement their uniform and a change of shoe suitable for indoor use. Appropriate kit for P.E. and swimming lessons is essential.

The following items can be bought from the school office:

  • Fleeces
  • Sweatshirts and cardigans (red)
  • Reversible waterproof coats with fleeces inside
  • White polo-shirts
  • Replacement book bags


Our school uniform with embroidery can be ordered online. Simply follow the link below.

Please make sure all items of uniform are clearly labelled.