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Curriculum information


Here you can read details of our planning for our Curriculum.

As a member of the Affinity Teaching Schools Alliance and Discovery Schools Academy Trust, we are following the guidelines in the Affinity Curriculum overview and DSAT Curriculum statement . Wee have created Year group maps to theme our curriculum in line with this and to create meaningful learning experiences for our children, whilst maintaining our commitment to structuring progression in learning.

To support our commitment to preparing our children for their roles and responsibilities in the world, we have whole school shared key enquiry questions to enable us to link our learning with wider ranging ideas and opinions. These reflect the key aims of the International Primary Curriculum.

We will have theme events half termly to share our thinking and reasoning across key subjects and skills.

We have considered our commitment to Reading for enjoyment, key texts and genres in Literacy to ensure high quality, age appropriate texts fuel our learning. We have worked within DSAT and Affinity Teaching Schools Alliance to develop our calculation policy and Maths planning is also supported by our research work with the Mathshub to consider Mastery approaches. In 2016 we have introduced Maths Noproblem resources to support and structure this.

This year we are all working together to further develop our Curriculum alongside Assessment formats and we are committed to working reflectively to evaluate and refine our work to make sure our Curriculum grows and offers inspirational learning opportunities that inspire both children’s and adults’ curiosities.

Here is our most recent Curriculum Review: Asfordby Captain’s Close Curriculum Review 2018-19

Here is our most recent Curriculum Offer: Asfordby Captain’s Close Curriculum Offer 2018-19

Please see our Year group pages for year group curriculum maps.

Subject Progression of Skills

Art Progression of Skills

DT Progression of Skills

Geography Progression of Skills

History Progression of Skills

Science Progression of Skills

Supplementary guidance:

Link to Affinity Teaching Schools Alliance Curriculum

Asfordby Captain’s Close English Core Policy

Reading with Pleasure Overview

Addition Years 4-6

Addition Years 1-3

Subtraction Years 1-3

Subtraction Years 4-6

Multiplication Years 4-6

Multiplication Years 1-3

Division Years 4-6

Division Years 1-3